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Getting more reviews on Yelp can be tricky business. You don’t want to get caught up in review schemes. Yelp works hard to make sure its reviews are as organic as possible. Any attempt to create fake reviews will eventually fail and could result in bad press or worse. But there are some things you can to do naturally encourage your customers to leave more honest reviews of your business on Yelp and other online review websites.

Encourage customers to leave honest reviews

Let’s say you’re a restaurant. You probably have feedback cards or some type of feedback loop already in place. Even if you don’t you probably hear customers that have good things to say and some that might have a few suggestions. In your restaurant you can encourage online reviews with designs on your menus, table cards and with signs in the restaurant. You can share links to where your site is found on popular review sites like Yelp. Don’t ask for positive reviews. Simply show customers that they can leave honest reviews on these websites. You open yourself up to the possibility of bad reviews, but if you’re a great business you’ll come out on top as you get more reviews.

Encourage Yelp check-In

The Yelp mobile app allows people to check-in to local businesses. Yelp seems to place this feature in high regard because it’s currently difficult – at least in theory – for someone to fake going to a restaurant, eating and leaving a review. People that use check-in functionality are likely to leave a review as they eat at a restaurant or visit your local business. When they’re in the moment they’re much more likely to leave a review than if they leave. It’s hard to remember to leave a review when the memory is not fresh.

Post reviews from Yelp in your business

You can print and share reviews from Yelp and other review sources in your place of business. You can post the positive reviews, which will create a positive atmosphere in your business, but you could also post a neutral or negative review in the business as well. For example, let’s say a customer reviews your restaurant on Yelp. They say they had a pretty good meal, but it would have been better if you offered dessert options. You could take reviews like this – if they are common and if it benefits your business – make the change and highlight how you listened to the reviews and feedback messages. You could post the request for dessert next to a new sign listing your new desserts. People love to be heard. If they know you’re listening on Yelp they’re more likely to leave a review of their own experience.

Empower your staff

The people that work with the customers in your business have the most power when it comes to customer reviews. Your staff can determine if the customer has a good experience, which is the most important thing for getting good reviews, but your staff can also ask for reviews. Let’s say a customer finishes a meal and says it was good. The person serving them could remind them that it would be appreciated if they shared their feelings on Yelp or on another site to let others know about the experience.


It’s important to note that you never want to pay or offer any kind of incentive in exchange for reviews. All online review sites including Yelp hate this because it takes the organic nature out of the reviews and causes the sites to lose credibility. Stick to natural ways to get more reviews like those listed above. Do the things listed above while always working to improve your products and services and you should get more Yelp reviews in the long run.

Article on:, 14 Juli 2013
By Scott Dylan

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